Chapter I: Setting up shop

Since 2018, my IG account has been the only space to showcase my work and meet you all. But I’ve been meaning to create a long term home for Sureña Crochet beyond social media. A place that belongs to me and where I have more room to grow. It’s been quite the wait, but it is finally live. Welcome to my little virtual stand. 

You may identify Sureña Crochet as a slow fashion brand. And, although in a way that's what it is, I like to take some distance from that label and make sure that I honor the main purpose of this little adventure, which is to explore, experiment and enjoy the creative ride. Because without that, there wouldn’t be a real motivation to do it. I want to share my work with you because I love it, not because I have to. 

I first started crochet out of curiosity. The memories of my Oma making clothes for her many grandchildren had always been in the back of my mind, waiting to be unlocked. This craft ended up working well for me: it goes at a good enough pace that you can start seeing the results pretty soon. Because the reward shows up quickly in the process, you’re motivated to keep going (it probably helps that crochet is a bit addictive). 

Like so many other skills, making garments has long been outsourced, so why learn to do it? It's a process that we're overall very disconnected from. In my experience, learning this skill has not only been refreshing, but also very empowering and humbling. I see clothes with new eyes, now that I have a bit of an understanding into the amount of hours and effort that goes into it.

I also acknowledge that I do have the extra time and resources to afford exploring it. 

Making clothes takes time...a lot, and this gives you a new perspective of an industry that operates at a frenetic pace at the expense of people and planet. 

I don’t intend to replicate fast fashion’s model here. What I propose resembles more an artist atelier or specialized tailor. I won’t be able to offer you weekly collections or dramatic markdowns, but if you’d like to own a unique and sentimental piece that will be thoughtfully handmade only for you, and made with quality materials, this is the place.

Co-creating your crochet piece, and delivering your custom Sureña Crochet is the most rewarding part of the process, for sure. 

Handmade clothing does take a lot of time and effort, and I know this sounds cheesy, but it’s truly made with love and intention. So thank you in advance if you ever decide to shop at Sureña Crochet. 

Sept. 2022