Behind Sureña Crochet...

Sureña Crochet About photo

My name is Dominique and I’m the human behind Sureña Crochet. I was born and raised in the south of Spain, in a multicultural immigrant family of small business owners.  

I started playing with the hook in 2017 while living in New York. My Oma was a self-taught seamstress, knitter and crocheter, and I had always been curious about exploring these techniques that she and many women of her generation were masters at. With crochet, I suddenly discovered a new world of self-expression and creativity that quickly became one of my happy places. 

This is how Sureña Crochet was born: A creative project where I celebrate playing and learning. A multifaceted little universe where craftsmanship and the exploration of alternative ways of relating to our clothes coexist. 

In my work, I use natural fiber yarns, second hand yarns and vintage hardware. I also offer a small collection of curated crochet and knitted clothes that I’ve come across in flea markets, and that are too good to leave behind. 

All the styles (except for the second hand collection) have been conceived by me and are original designs.  

Sureña Crochet clothes are a celebration of bright colors that lift your mood and make you smile. Some of my designs revisit the naiveté and joy of early years, while others are more on the sophisticated and sexy side. They all invite you to explore a more conscious relationship with the clothes we wear. 

If you decide to shop at Sureña Crochet, my wish is that your purchase is intentional, that you love wearing it for years, and that ultimately, you pass it down to a loved one.