1) How does handmade to order work?

The order you place is a preorder. In the comments box indicate your measurements and preferred yarn color. Once I receive your order:

  • I’ll order the yarn based on your chosen color/s
  • I start working on your custom piece as soon as I receive the yarn (which takes between 5-7 days to receive)
  • The processing time depends on the style you’ve ordered: The Sirena top takes around 3 weeks to complete (from your order to shipping), the Margarita and Ballerina tops take around 4 weeks

You’ll be notified as soon as I’ve received the yarn, and once your custom order is ready for shipping. I’ll do my best to finish it before the 3-4 week mark! You can always contact me if you have more questions about your order. 

Because everything is handmade and I can only work on 1-2 orders at a time, it's an overall lengthier process compared to a more standard shopping experience.

Handmade can’t be rushed but it’s so worth it, I truly appreciate your patience. 

2) Handmade to order always shows as “sold out”

For now I’ll only make available very limited units under the handmade to order category. This is to make sure that I can handle all orders coming through, as it’s only me working on each. I’ll fine tune this system as I get a better sense of the demand. You can follow Sureña Crochet on IG or sign up for updates (scrolling down on the homepage) to be notified about available spots. 

3) Sizing

For the handmade to order category, please indicate your measurements in inches or centimeters. "Standard" sizing (S, M, L...) doesn't make a lot of sense these days and it's best to provide your unique measurements: 

Ballerina Wrap top: Waist, shoulder to shoulder length, torso length, arm length, wrist and armpit circumference. 

Margarita top: Band size, cup size (best if you can provide width and length/height of bra cup), waist, desired torso length (from band to belly only) and straps length (this is just to confirm, as I work with an average length). 

Sirena top: Waist, shoulder to shoulder length, desired torso length, armpit circumference, desired sleeve length and circumference where sleeve ends. 

4) Is the preloved collection clean and ready to use? 

Yes, it's been cleaned and it's ready to wear. 

5) Processing times

The handmade to order takes between 3-4 weeks from order to shipping. 

The ready to ship and preloved collections take between 1-3 days to process. 

6) Shipping 

I use USPS to ship your orders:

- First class package for domestic (USA). Arrives within 2 business days. 

- First class package international for Canada and Europe. Arrives within 7-21 business days. 

You'll be notified once your order has been shipped, along with the tracking number. 

7) Import taxes, lost or stolen orders 

You are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

Please check with your local customs office before placing an order if you're unsure about customs fees in your country. 

I'm not responsible for delays due to customs. Since I have proof of shipment, please note I am not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

8) Pricing 

The handmade to order and ready to ship items are priced based on the labor involved, which is calculated hourly. 

Additional costs factored into the price include, among others: Yarn and materials used, taxes, site costs and maintenance, labels and packaging. 

Prices are higher compared to a conventional fast fashion operation, as I don’t work at scale and try to pay myself a reasonable hourly wage for my work. 

9) Yarn used

I only work with 100% natural fibers. Each style has a description on the type of yarn used. 

Cotton: Gives more of a structure and stitch definition to the clothing. Cotton is a breathable fiber that’s comfortable to wear. It doesn’t build up static electricity. 

Raffia (FSC certified): Made of wood pulp, this is what I use for the handbags. Raffia is a soft yet strong material, and pliable. It is also a biodegradable fiber that's light and dries fast.

10) OEKO-TEX certification 

The cotton I use for the Ballerina wrap top and Margarita top (under the Handmade to Order section) are OEKO-TEX certified, which means it's been tested for harmful substances and is harmless for human health. More details can be found here

11) Origin of yarn 

Cotton: Made in India 

Raffia: Made in China 

Second hand yarn: Sourced in Spain and the US

12) Returns & Refunds 

Refer to the dedicated page here

13) Care

Even though some of the yarns used allow machine washing, I always recommend that you hand wash your Sureña Crochet clothes with lukewarm or cold water and delicate clothing detergent. Always lay flat to dry. You’ll find care instructions under each product description. 

Store your Sureña Crochet clothes folded in your drawer, instead of hanging in the closet. Some of the heavier pieces (like the Ballerina wrap top) may stretch overtime if kept on a hanger. 

Cotton will stretch a bit with use. 

14) Repair

As with any clothing, using it means wearing out the garment. If your Sureña Crochet clothing needs some repair down the line, contact me for mending options. 

Yarn ends can appear with use, they can be easily woven back into the garment. 

15) Packaging 

I try to be very minimal with packaging while making sure that your order is protected. I'm proud to offer packaging that's made of 100% plant based materials (PLA+PBAT+Corn Starch), and is certified compostable. 

16) Have more questions? If there’s anything I missed here, don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form